Photo Care of Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver fans are uncertain how to feel this week as their two biggest stars step away from the game after eighteen years in the franchise.

The twin sensations have been a significant part of the Canucks organization since they entered the National Hockey League in 2000.  The two brothers have been touted by the city of Vancouver as elite players and all-around classy individuals as they played a combined 2630 games for the one team.

The Sedin’s announced their retirement early this week with a letter to their fans:

Dear Canucks fans,

Earlier this year we wrote a letter to the city, and to everyone who has supported us for the past 18 years. Many people were asking what the future holds. We said we’d take it one year at a time. We said when the time was right, we’d talk with our families and sit down with management to discuss it.

 We started the year with the mindset that a decision would be made in the postseason. But it became clear, after discussions with our families throughout the year, that this will be our last season. This feels right for all of us. 

Being part of the Canucks family for 18 seasons has been the best period of our lives. But it’s time to focus on our families and life after hockey. It’s time to help with homework every night. It’s time to be at every birthday party and to stand in the cold at every hockey rink, soccer game and riding lesson on weekends. It’s time to be at home for dinner every night.

We’re saying it now because we want to share these final three games with you. We also want to share these games with our families, friends, teammates, coaches, trainers, staff and everyone at the Canucks who have supported us. You’ve all been with us every step of the way, and we want to thank you. 

It’s time to let the next generation of young players lead the Canucks. Travis is building a strong culture and emphasizes a style of play we know will be successful. The team is in great hands, with people who care about its success and it’s headed in the right direction. We know there is a bright future for the Canucks.

As we’ve said before, Vancouver has become home. This is our family’s home. We plan to be part of this community long after we retire. Vancouver has given us so much and we’ve tried to give everything we have in return. That won’t change.

In the meantime, we still have some games to play, and we still have some work to do.

Henrik and Daniel

The Vancouver Canucks only have three games left on their 2017-18 schedule.  With only two games at home, Sedin fans are sure to crowd the stadium with their love for their stars.

At 37-years-old the players rank one and two all-time in Canucks scoring with a combined 2107 points.  They will be fondly remembered in the organization for leading the team to the Stanley Cup finals in 2010, and are shoe-ins to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Sedin brothers will play their final game in Edmonton on Saturday, April 7.