Photo Care of Aaron Chapman | LEGO Ideas

LEGO building blocks are one of the most popular toys ever made.  They are fun for all ages and anyone can build anything.  But, who better to create a replica than the experts, like a subway operator miniaturizing his own train.

Aaron Chapman is subway operator for the Toronto Transit Commission, and he also happens to be an avid LEGO collector.  Chapman decided to bring work home and has recently completed a LEGO replica of a Toronto Rocket Subway Train, using random pieces that he acquired.

Once people caught sight of Chapman’s brilliant creation people started asking him if he would make them a copy.  After Chapman spoke to the local LEGO store, he discovered there was a market for Toronto-themed building sets.

“With that in mind, the project quickly evolved from a simple display model into a fully functioning playset with all the detail I could think of,” says Chapman.

Photo Care of Aaron Chapman | LEGO Ideas

Quickly Chapman got started on an upgraded version of his creation that included everything from handrails to the operator’s coffee mug.  Once completed he submitted his creation to LEGO Ideas– a site for projects like these to gain support for becoming an official set.

Chapman now needs 10,000 supporters within a two-year span to have his set reviewed by LEGO, which could potentially approve it for public release.  You can add your vote on Chapman’s LEGO Ideas page.