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There is a long history between the LGBTQ+ and the Toronto Police.  The local authorities had failed to investigate murders that targeted members of the gay community until earlier this year.  This resulted in a ban of uniformed officers at last year’s Pride events.  This week Toronto Pride released a statement with a request to the police to withdraw an application to march in this summer’s parade.

The public statement was released on Twitter on April 2 in a joint release from The 519, ASAAP, Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention, Toronto People with AIDS Foundation, Sherbourne Health Centre, and Toronto Pride.

The letter goes into details on how negatively the Bruce McArthur investigations have impacted the LGBTQ+ community, stating “It is an incredibly complex and difficult time.”

“At the end of June, we will come together, as we have for decades, and we will be seen.  We will rally and rise, but it will be with heavy hearts, as we have not yet begun to grapple with our anger, shock, and grief.”

The statement finishes with a request of the Toronto Police to “withdraw their application to march in the 2018 Pride Parade.”  They remind police that “marching won’t contribute towards solving the issues.”

The Toronto Police have yet to release a response and have yet to revoke their