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Losing your luggage after a long flight is probably the most annoying thing that can happen to you while travelling.  Thankfully, airlines can be pretty diligent about locating lost baggage and returning it as soon as possible.  But, what if your luggage was stolen from you just as you leave the airport?

There are some people out there making this nightmare a reality.  These criminals wait for unsuspecting victims at the airport and pose as limo and cab drivers just to rob people out of all of their stuff.  Known as “scoopers” are not licensed taxi drivers, but will offer a ride anyways, and as soon as the baggage is inside the trunk, they will drive away leaving victims empty-handed.

An event like this was recently narrowly avoided at Toronto’s Pearson Airport when a police officer pulled up just in time to prevent a criminal from stealing one woman’s baggage.

To avoid these “scoopers” it is best to follow airport signs that will lead you to official pickup areas for taxicabs and airport limousines.  These unlicensed drivers will also be in a vehicle without any taxi markings or designated license plates.