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Ever since delivery became a thing, we have always wanted more.  We have all been there, those nights where you just need to feed your chocolate cravings, but the last thing you want to do is get up and ready to leave the house.  Laziness may not be a great habit, but there are many reasons why people can’t, or shouldn’t, be driving to the store.

Thankfully, for those lucky enough to be in Toronto, there is a new service that can help take care of all of your late-night cravings.  Fryday Box offers all the junk food snacks you could want to be delivered right to your door, and they will be there in 35-minutes or less.

After signing up for a FryDay Box account online, you can select from a wide range of snacks, and you will receive a text message in 35 minutes or less as it is delivered to your house.  They seriously offer a plethora of selections with categories that include chips, popcorn and dips, cookies and desserts, ice cream, chocolates and candies, and food.  There is even a section for home and party supplies that covers everything from Tylenol to candles.

The company is just getting off the ground and so far, only offers their services to a limited zone on the west side of Toronto.  However, they are planning to expand to the rest of the GTA as soon as possible.  Hopefully, it catches on fast because this is a service we need in every major Canadian city.