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The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is expecting the city’s first three electric buses to arrive this month.  These first few buses are just a demo, with the city expecting as many as 30 by this time next year.

The CEO of TTC said in a report that these demo buses will be arriving in April so that employees who will be maintaining and operating the vehicles “can have a first-hand look.”

The TTC Board began a new initiative last November with the goal of having zero-emissions by 2040.  The new electric bus program is the first step in the overall plan.

“In order for the TTC to do its part, we join other leading transit organizations in the C40 Fossil-Fuel-Free Streets Declaration, by targeting procurement of only zero-emission buses starting in 2025, and we will target a zero-emissions fleet by 2040,” reads a report from the TTC.

The latest plan from the TTC is to deploy 375 new buses which would include the all-electric eBuses, as well as over 50 hybrid-electric buses, and over 300 clean diesel buses.  The TTC board is looking to increase their order of 30 eBuses from 30 to 60 in their scheduled meeting this May.