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It’s time to go green, Toronto.

Growing a tree in your yard can be beneficial for more than just the planet.  Trees can provide your home with privacy, curb appeal, and provide a windbreak.  This foundation in Toronto wants to help you pick a tree that best fits your needs, and they will even provide the plant free of cost.

The Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation has been running their Tree For Me program for a while, and it is officially back once again.  They want to help homeowners in Toronto to consider bringing more life to their yard by planting native foliage.

“Through facilitated grants provided by Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation, events are held across the city in support of the Every Tree Counts movement, a partnership between Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation and the City of Toronto to reach 40% tree cover in Toronto.  Tree For Me events help put more trees in our yards, more trees in our communities, and more trees in our city,” states a release by organizers.

Toronto homeowners can educate themselves on the type of tree that would best fit their situation on the Tree For Me website.  There are also many community events planned throughout the city starting in April.