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The speakeasy pop-up bar trend has been spreading across the biggest cities in the country.  Montreal is about to put all of the pop-up bars to shame with an event that will be hidden deep below the city.

Speakeasy bars are based on prohibition days when establishments serving alcohol would need to hide and use secret codes for their patrons.  Today, the theme continues with one-night-only pop-up events hidden around metropolitan areas.  What better place to serve up some “illegal” drinks than in caves below Montreal.

Montreal is located above an extensive cave system that seems to be getting bigger as new areas are still being explored.  There is enough room down there to not only hold this one-night party but also keep it well hidden.

The exclusive Speakeasy bar will have a secret entrance as well as a secret password only ticket holders will know.  Guests will be able to sit back and enjoy a night of live music, and an open bar all while being underground.

A limited amount of tickets are being sold online, here.  So, get into this underground party.