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One of Canada’s largest coffee retailers is going in an entirely new direction.  Second Cup has a new plan to turn some of their coffee shops into full-on weed dispensaries.

The national coffee chain announced a partnership with National Access Cannabis this week.  The cannabis clinic operation will assist Second Cup in developing and operating a series of recreational cannabis stores across Western Canada.

“This strategic relationship provides Second Cup with a great opportunity to leverage our select real estate assets to increase value for shareholders and franchise partners,” reads a statement from Second Cup chief executive Garry Macdonald.  “At the same time, we remain focused on growing our Second Cup brand and sales through continued product innovation and expanding our network across Canada.”

The new partnership will oversee the licensing and conversion of Second Cup cafés into retail stores offering leading cannabis products.  Locations will depend on legal regulations, and approval from Second Cup, franchisees, and building management.  The transition is planned for Western Canada locations, with the potential of expansion in the future.

Currently, Second Cup has over 300 locations dispersed around the nation.  With this new partnership, the coffee chain will be ready to give you a whole new buzz.