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2017’s hurricane season was one of the most devastating in modern history.  Hurricane’s Harvey, Irma, and Maria proved to be three of the most costly tropical disasters of our time, and now meteorologists are estimating that 2018 could be just as bad, if not worse.

Colorado State University researchers have recently released a preliminary forecast for this year.  In the Atlantic, hurricane season is just months away as it can run from June to November, with the majority of storms occurring in mid-August and October.

At least 14 storms are being predicted for 2018 that will affect the Caribbean, the eastern coast of the US, parts of Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada.  Seven of the estimated hurricanes are expected to be equally as devastating as some of last year’s worse storms.  At minimum, one of these monster storms has a 63% probability of making continental landfall.

This rise in hurricanes in recent years is attributed to above average surface water temperatures.  Colorado State University believe that 2018 could see surface temperatures “warm dramatically.”

Currently, there are no signs of the ocean waters warming.  However, these preliminary forecasts are months ahead of the hurricane season which means that there could be significant changes on the way.