Photo Care of @Dsab21 on Twitter

On Wednesday a powerful windstorm tore through southern Ontario with winds reaching speeds over 100km/h.  The forces caused damage throughout the province, disrupted traffic, and knocked the power out for tens of thousands of residents.

Environment Canada issued a warning for the area with expected rain and snow, but it was the winds that caused damage and created hazardous road conditions.

Reports from utility companies throughout the province say more than 84,000 customers went without power with as many as 297 separate outages affecting the region.  Toronto Hydro estimated about 21,000 residents lost power, and provincial company Hydro One said the windstorm impacted over 80,000 customers.

Meanwhile, many of the urban areas turned into a war zone, as trees and street signs were ripped out of the ground.  Residents around Ontario are reporting significant damage to homes, storefronts and pretty much everything else.

There were as many as 50 vehicles involved in a major collision north of Toronto, and at least one Belleville, Ontario resident, was taken to the hospital after being struck by a knocked down tree.

Thankfully, there were no serious injuries during this monster windstorm, but it did leave quite the cleanup.