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Municipalities paying hunters to take care of an infestation of animals is not new news.  However, when we are talking about Montreal, you wouldn’t usually think that they have a coyote problem.

Coyote sightings have been on the rise throughout Montreal in the last few years.  Mayor of the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough, Émilie Thruillier says that they receive hundreds of coyote sightings every year.  There are so many; it is hard to distinguish if residents are seeing one, or many coyotes.

Thuillier adds that the rising coyote issue has become a safety concern as people have been feeding the animals and their fear of humans has decreased.  Locals have reported the coyotes becoming more comfortable with humans and their pets, resulting in some of them attacking suddenly.

This week Montreal signed a $30,000 contract for the trapping of the coyotes.  The city is still working on a more permanent plan to remove the animals.

Meanwhile, animal rights groups and locals are advocating for the controversial issue of removing the coyotes.  Removing any animal from their “known habitat” is considered inhumane, while merely trapping the coyotes will not solve the issue of the rising population.

Groupe Prévost-Fortin has been awarded the contract of $29,228 to trap the coyotes throughout Montreal.