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This weekend Canadians are going to be treated to an incredible light show as a meteor shower crosses our skies.

The Lyriad meteor shower crosses paths with Earth annually usually between April 16th and 25th.  This year the best evening to watch the showers will be on the night of April 21st into the early morning of April 22nd.

During the height of the Lyriad meteor shower, as many as 20 meteors can be spotted per hour.  These streaks are typically bright enough to be seen without the need of binoculars or a telescope.

With any meteor shower, your best chance of seeing as many as you can is to travel outside of the city and find the darkest skies possible.  The less light pollution, the better your chances of catching all of the night lights.  Astronomers say that the moon will set around midnight which should raise overnight viewing conditions.

The annual Lyriads are a sight to behold, but if you miss it don’t worry another meteor shower will be following soon after.  The Eta Aquarids will be streaking above Canada through April 19 to May 28, with the peak nights occurring on May 5 and 6.