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With any luck, it will be completely legal to grow your own cannabis plants at home before the year’s end.  However, many Canadians believe that having a few plants around may bring down the price of their property.

According to a recent survey from Zoocasa, a Canadian real estate company, nearly half of Canadians polled think that their property value would take a hit should they choose to grow cannabis at home.

The nationwide survey involved 1,431 citizens from various provinces, and 47% are concerned that even when legalized, pot plants would have a negative impact on their properties real estate value.

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Quebec residents seem the most worried with 52% saying it would reduce their desire to purchase a home if marijuana was grown there.

Additionally, the survey discovered that millennials would be twice as likely to grow cannabis at home when compared to those aged 54 to 72-years-old.  19% of 22 to 37-year-olds answered yes when asked if they will consider growing marijuana once it becomes legalized to do so.

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So, at least until the stigmas against cannabis begin to wear off, you may not want to grow at home.