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British Columbia is well known for having delicious fresh seafood dishes- if you want your salmon made to perfection than visit Vancouver.  However, some of BC’s most celebrated chefs are coming together in an appeal to the provincial government to protect wild salmon migratory routes.

Scientist, author, and former Nature of Things TV host, David Suzuki will be joined by BC culinary leaders like Chef David Hawksworth and Chef Meeru Dhalwala to request the provincial government terminate open net-pen salmon farms in the Broughton Archipelago.  The province is currently in considerations of renewing 20 such farms in the area.

The Broughton Archipelago is a popular migratory route for juvenile salmon, and the existing farms there have long been disputed by First Nations.  BC has the only jurisdiction on the North America west coast that allows open net-pens for Atlantic salmon on aquaculture farms.

Suzuki and his culinary guests will meet on April 5 at the York Ballroom in Hawksworth Restaurant in Vancouver.  These are some of the chef’s that are expected to attend:

  • Chef David Hawksworth (Hawksworth Restaurant)
  • Chef Robert Clark (The Fish Counter)
  • Chef Hidekazu Tojo (Tojo’s)
  • Chef Jeremy Belcourt (Salmon n’ Bannock)
  • Chef Meeru Dhalwala (Vij’s and Rangoli)