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You may not think about it often, but driving can one be of the most dangerous things you do in a day.  No matter how well you drive, there are many circumstances that lead to all sorts of incidents involving motor vehicles.  Depending on where you live those risks may be higher than you think.

Maclean’s recently put up some shocking numbers about fatality rates around Canada following the Humboldt Broncos tragedy.  They discovered that Saskatchewan is the most dangerous place to drive in the country by a significant margin.  In 2016 the province had the least amount of fatalities associated with the province’s roads in 60 years, but their numbers still lead the country.

According to these statistics from Transport Canada, Saskatchewan doubled the average national rate of traffic fatalities through 2011 to 2015.  It is speculated that the low populated province suffers from lack of highway infrastructure combined with long-distance commutes on high-speed roads has contributed to the high level of deaths.

Following the Humboldt Broncos accident is more pertinent than ever to be aware of these numbers and drive safely.