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Gender equality is a major issue all over the world. Even here, in progressive Canada, there is still a significant difference in how women are being treated.  The battle for equal pay is not only important, but it is also right.  Unfortunately, there is still a noticeable discrepancy.

It only seems fair that two equally qualified people working the same job should be paid at the same rate regardless of sex, race, religion, or whatever makes us unique.  Though, when you look at the numbers women have been significantly underpaid for decades, and the trend continues to this day.

Just recently, the World Economic Forum established that there is a severe pay gap due to gender in 145 countries worldwide. Canada has been ranked as the seventh worst country in the world for having income discrepancies by the Organization for Economic and Co-operation Development.  The gender pay gap is a major issue, and I recommend that you read more about it, here.

The Ontario Equal Pay Coalition in cooperation with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives found that men in Canada earn an average annual income of $51,900, for women that number dropped to $36,000.

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A graph released by Statistics Canada breaks annual income into ten levels, each level representing ten percent of the income around Canada.  It shows how women make a significant amount less than men on nearly every level of wealth with the exception of the poorest bracket.

There are many changes occurring around the country and the world, but it starts by talking about these issues.