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You would expect Canadians to care about sustainability considering the endless beauty of the country that we want to share with many more generations to come.  However, when it comes to food waste, Canadians are amongst the guiltiest in the world.

A recent report published by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation states that Canada is responsible for as much as 13 million tonnes of food waste per year.  Comparatively in North America that does not sound so bad considering Mexico is responsible for 28 million tonnes of food wasted, and our American neighbours produce 126 million tonnes of food waste every year.

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However, per capita, Canadians are among some of the worst food wasters in the world.  On average, each of us are responsible for 396 kilograms of lost food each year.  An amount that is much closer to US waste than Mexico or the rest of the planet.

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The Commission for Environmental Cooperation’s report titled, Characterization and Management of Food Waste in North America, is designed to quantify food waste along every step of the supply chain.  Unfortunately, consumers are the most prominent culprits accounting for 170 kilograms per citizen per year.

There are many programs in place that are trying to face the issue of Canada’s food waste.  However, if you want to do more than you are, you can visit this page from the David Suzuki Foundation for some tips.