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The world is full of amazing things to see and do, but as all Canadians know, there are plenty wonders right in our backyard.  If you were putting a list together of all the things in the world to do, I am certain there would be plenty of things you can do right in Canada.  Thankfully, this website has put the list together for you, and Canada makes a few appearances.

The Flight Network has put together their “World’s Ultimate Bucket List” and it is full of amazing journeys across the planet.  The list includes everything from drinking a beer at Oktoberfest to visiting the Great Wall of China and almost everything in between.  If you wanted a list of things to do in your lifetime, it is a pretty handy guide.

Canada makes four appearances on the Ultimate Bucket List with some of our greatest experiences.  Of course, everyone should see the Northern Lights at least once in their lifetime, same with visiting polar bears.  The Flight Network adds that the Canadian Rocky Mountains are a must-see, and everyone should spend a night in an ice hotel.

We have to agree that these are musts, but we would also like to add eating poutine in Montreal.

Below is the full list of Flight Networks Ultimate Bucket List.  How many have you crossed off?

  1. Take a wildlife safari in Africa
  2. Embark on an expedition to Antarctica
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Treck to Machu Picchu
  5. Sail the Galapagos Islands
  6. Lose yourself in the streets of Paris
  7. Stay in an overwater bungalow
  8. Gorilla trekking in Central Africa
  9. Explore otherworldly Iceland
  10. Go island hopping in Greece
  11. Visit the Grand Canyon
  12. Explore Western Cape
  13. Dive and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  14. Walk around the ruins of Angkor Wat
  15. See the Taj Mahal
  16. Tour the vineyards in Bordeaux
  17. Sleep under the stars in the Sahara
  18. Experience amazing Bali
  19. Take a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia
  20. Take an Alaskan cruise
  21. Visit the pyramids in Egypt
  22. Swim with whale sharks
  23. Soak up city life in the Big Apple
  24. Visit Petra
  25. The Great Wall of China
  26. Volunteer at an elephant sanctuary
  27. Trek to Mount Everest base camp
  28. Ignite your senses in Tokyo
  29. Visit New Zealand’s South Island
  30. Drive the Great Ocean Road
  31. Visit the Amazon Rainforest
  32. The Canadian Rocky Mountains
  33. Hike through volcanoes in Hawaii
  34. Explore the Australian Outback
  35. Swim in the Dead Sea
  36. Soak in the salt flats in Bolivia
  37. Visit Tiger’s Nest
  38. Watching polar bears roam
  39. Visit the Mayan ruins
  40. Take in the astonishing Victoria Falls
  41. Walk around historic Havana, Cuba
  42. Take a slum tour in India
  43. Soak up the sun in Sydney Harbour
  44. Marvel at nature on the Na Pali Coast
  45. Ride the Glacier Express
  46. Take in the sights in Rome
  47. Watch a centre court match at Wimbledon
  48. Drink a beer at Oktoberfest in Germany
  49. Stay in an ice hotel
  50. Experience Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival