Photo Care of bocusedorcanada | Instagram

After a five-and-a-half-hour battle in the culinary arts, Canada has placed second amongst a dozen countries in the semi-final round of Le Bocuse d’Or- the toughest cooking competition in the world.  With the silver medal performance, Team Canada has secured their place in the finals held in Lyon, France, in January 2019.

Chef Trevor Ritchie of Waterloo, Ontario was joined by teammates Jenna Reich and coach James Olberg in presenting their dishes that secured their place in the “World Cup of cookery talents.”  Canada’s team used local ingredients like Canadian ice cider and caviar, Quebec foie gras, Ontario apples, and BC clams in their silver medal meals.

Photo Care of bocusedorcanada | Instagram

“It was an epic meal prep,” says Chef Ritchie. “The competition was fierce, but I’m proud of our performance as a team. It was important to qualify because Canada always had a presence in Lyon since Jamie Kennedy in 1987. I’m super excited to get back to work! The next six months will be intense as we need to create two new dishes as well as a new platter to set us apart in France amongst the best of the best.”

The Canadian team will face off against 23 of the best culinary teams in the world at the Le Bocuse d’Or finals.  The competition that showcases “the crème-de-la-crème of world chefs” was first founded in 1987 by legendary chefs Paul Bocuse and Albert Romain and brings “the greatest chefs out from behind closed doors and onto the world stage.”

Go Canada go!