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Netflix is the greatest thing to happen to television since the invention of the television.  The only downside is waiting for the blockbuster movies you want to see to make their way to the streaming service.  Thankfully, there is a new cheaper way of catching all the biggest hits from the box office as they are released in theatres.  And now, Canada is in on the action.

Subscription services like MoviePass have been gaining popularity throughout the US and parts of the world.  The services offer a low monthly rate that will gain you access to any movie theatre to watch any movie.  Sounds brilliant, right?

Unfortunately, sites like MoviePass have been unavailable in Canada, up until now.

While many Canadians have been awaiting MoviePass to announce an expansion into the great white north, one of their competitors quietly set up shop.

Sinemia is a Turkish company founded by Rifat Oguz, and they are now offering their service to Canada.  The subscription costs a rate of $10.99 a month that gains you access to two movies in theatres per month.

The rules differ from that of MoviePass which allows you one non-premium movie per day.  Sinemia includes one premium ticket per month, meaning you can catch an opening night screening in 4DX 3D twelve times a year.  For $10.99/month, I don’t need to tell you how much of a savings that could be for moviegoers.

Sinemia has a variety of membership plans that can suit your needs.  For more information and to sign up, you can find the Sinemia website, here.