Photo Care of The Lights Fest

Seeing the night sky lit up by thousands of floating lanterns is like something out of a fairy tale.  The Chinese New Year tradition is not something you get to do every day, especially in Canada.  But, now you can see the magic for yourself this summer in Ontario.

The Lights Fest travels all over the world bearing their celebration of life, hope, and dreams.  This summer they are coming to Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario to light up the night with their Sky lanterns, and you can sign up to light one yourself.  Live entertainment and dancing fill up this night, and at twilight, everyone ignites their lanterns together and releases them to the skies.

“The lights fest is dedicated to leaving a positive impact on the environment and everyone who attends our event,” reads a message on the festival’s website.  “This is an event that is for everyone but cultivates individual experiences. Whether you’re commemorating or celebrating, you’re creating a special memory that will last a lifetime.”

Photo Care of The Lights Fest

Their goal is to offer a “transformative experience” for everyone who shares their light.  However, the event is weather permitting, local fire authorities have to give the go ahead, and the wind needs to be below 15 miles per hour.

The lanterns are designed to fly low, so they are able to predict where they will land.  The festival has a ‘Leave No Trace Policy’, and a large cleaning crew collects all of the 100% biodegradable lanterns after the event.

Tickets are available online and range from $25 to $55, the earlier you buy them, the better.  If you want more information, you can visit The Lights Fest website, here.