Photo Care of Mouvements Libres

It is nice even to be talking about bike rides after that winter that doesn’t seem to want to end in parts of Canada.  Only the bravest of us ever attempt to take our bicycles out when there are decimetres of snow on the ground.  Spring is here, so it is time to celebrate, and Montreal knows just how to do it.

Montreal is hosting a glow-in-the-dark bike ride on May 25.  300 cyclists will be riding through the Quartier des Spectacles in an artistic event called Mouvements Libres.

During the event, you can light up your own bike with a device called AgitPOV.  Using an app on your mobile, you can program the special light with whatever words you like.  The Mouvements Libres event will be the first time a large group of bikes have come together to use the device.

Tickets for this unique event are $20 per person or $35 for two participants.  You can find more information, and register on the official website, here.