Photo Care of The Dandy Brewing Company | Twitter

Canadians love their beer, and it is especially tasty when you get it for free.  Now, Calgarians can get $500 worth of beer by getting a membership at this brewing company.

The Dandy Brewing Company is celebrating the official opening of their new location in Ramsay with a special promotion.  Customers who sign up for a Black Card Membership will get 50% back on their investment.

The membership cards carry a store credit, an investment into a Black Card costs $1,000.  However, the Dandy Brewing Company will add an extra $500, for $1,500 of credit.  Besides beer, the store credit can be used for beverages, food, events, and merchandise.

There are even more perks to signing up for this exclusive membership like access to speciality and pre-release beers.  Members will also be invited to an annual Black Card Black Tie Party.  When the card runs out, cardholders will still receive 10% off in the tasting room for life. Additionally, if you choose to reload the card, you receive a 15% premium ($100 reload becomes $115).

There is a limited amount of Black Card memberships being sold, but some are still available.  For those interested, you can find more information on The Dandy Brewing Company website, here.