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I cannot confirm if your dog is as excited to see the next Avengers film as most of us are, but many dog owners find it difficult to do anything without their furry little friends.  Well, dog lovers get ready for a special event just for you and your pet.  A Montreal cinema is hosting a special screening, and your dog is invited to join you.

Montreal’s Cinema du Parc is hosting a “Bring Your Own Dog Night” on Sunday, April 15.  The theatre is expected to be filled with dogs and dog lovers for a special screening of the fitting film, Isle of Dogs.

There are some rules involved in bringing your canine into the theatre with you.  Each dog will be charged for a children’s ticket, at about $9.  The animals are expected to be on a certain level of good behaviour, any dogs being aggressive or overly distracting will need to leave.  Additionally, the cinema requires that all dogs be kept on a leash through the entire event, and owners will need to provide a blanket for their pets to put on the theatre seats.

Isle of Dogs is the latest film from Wes Anderson and features a future in Japan where the country is full of, you guessed it, pups.

For more information, and to purchase tickets, you can visit the website, here.