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Alberta has been locked in a dispute over the construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline with British Columbia with each province throwing punches where they can.  The pipeline which was approved by the federal government is being argued by BC in courts.  Alberta’s latest attempt to reach an agreement with their neighbours involves the province limiting the export of gas, oil, and natural gas.

The Alberta government introduced a new legislation this week that would allow the energy minister to restrict the amount of refined fuels that cross their borders.  If passed, the new law would put a cap the amount of fuels direct truckers, pipelines, and rail operators could transport out of province.  Violators would be in for hefty fines of up to $1 million a day for individuals and $10 million per day for corporations.

“The bill sends a clear message: we will use every tool at our disposal to defend Albertans (and) to defend our resources,” said Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

Notley mentions that the new legislation not only ensures that Alberta will maintain enough supply for the future, but the new measures help in “protecting the jobs and livelihoods of thousands of Albertans and our ability to keep Canada working.”

Alberta estimates that Canada loses $40 million per day in lost revenue due to the market bottleneck and shipping fees resulting from the halt of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

“[Alberta’s] very committed to putting pressure on B.C. to come around and focus on what this pipeline actually means,” mentions Notley.