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It seems like ever since that whole Y2K fiasco at the turn of the millennia there has been a parade of end-of-the-world theories happening nearly every year.  Somehow, we have managed to survive through them all, including the big 2012 conspiracy.  Well, there is another doomsday on its way, and it’s happening this month.

David Meade is a conspiracy theorist that has made some bold predictions.  Meade is convinced that a planet he dubs Nibiru is destined to collide with Earth which will kill us all.  When, or if, Nibiru approaches Earth, the theory says it will trigger natural disasters all over the planet before the final collision.

The prediction was first set with a date last September when Nibiru failed to appear in the skies, Meade changed the date to October, and then November, but now he is certain doomsday is coming on April 23.

Meade’s predictions are bold, and his many theories have been proven wrong in the past so, I think it is safe to assume we will all live to see April 24.  Though, if he keeps on guessing maybe one day he will be right.