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Have you ever wanted to go on one of those countrywide road trips where you stop and see all of the crazy attractions along the way?  Well, the good news is Canada has plenty of things to see, including many of the world’s biggest structures.  If you are hungry though, you may want to eat before hitting some of these statues.

Here are five attractions around Canada that claim to be the “world’s biggest” inspired by our favourite food:

World’s Largest Mushrooms

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Like something out of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Vilna, Alberta is home to these monster mushrooms.  The small village has a long history of mushroom picking and to commemorate that; they built these colossal steel mushrooms.

The Big Apple 

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Move over New York; the real big apple is located in Colborne, Ontario.  This giant fruit has its own observation deck and is attached to a pie shop and restaurant in case you get hungry looking at it.

World’s Largest Lobster

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At 11-metres long, this would be one large meal.  Found in Shediac, New Brunswick this monster took Canadian artist Winston Bronnum three-years to build.

World’s Largest Fiddleheads

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Fiddleheads are one of the most underappreciated vegetables, being full of great nutrients.  Well, Plaster Rock, New Brunswick sure appreciates the fern because they built this 24-foot tall structure.

World’s Largest Perogy

Photo Care of Village of Glendon

What is probably the strangest thing to make the “world’s largest” of, this gigantic perogy calls Glendon, Alberta home.  Over 8-metres tall, this massive meal looks kind of delicious.