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Canada may have their own Michael Phelps in the making, but first, she needs to get through high school.

17-year-old Taylor Ruck has just made the record books after putting up one of the best performances ever at this year’s Commonwealth Games in Australis.  The Canadian swimmer walked away from the events with eight medals, good enough to be tied for the most medals won by a Canadian in a single Games.  The amazing feat has only been accomplished three times before, and Ruck is the first female to do so.

“I’m just super excited to win that many medals,” said Ruck.  “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would win this many. This has been a fantastic meet for Team Canada. I’m just so happy to share so many experiences with my best friends.”

The Kelowna, BC native earned herself gold in the 200-metre freestyle while setting a Commonwealth Games record.  She also added five silver medals and two bronze medals before the events in Gold Coast, Australia wrapped up.

There is a bright future for this young swimmer, and she will be preparing for the next Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020 when Ruck will be 20-years-old.