Photo Care of Dairyland

Every year on the first day of April all of the jokesters come out to play.  Since the internet has become what it is, marketers have used the annual event to play some serious pranks on their customers.  This year was no different as more and more companies came out to play.  We have gathered some of the best jokes from all-over for you to enjoy, have a look:

Swiss Chalet Sauce Fountain

The rotisserie chicken food chain Swiss Chalet wanted to give Canadians more of their famous sauce and introduced their new Chalet sauce fountain.

Funko Indestructible Box Spray

Funko, the adorable little toy company, listened to their fans and created a spray that would keep boxes from being damaged.

One Colour Slurpees

7-11 announced that they would only be offering one colour of Slurpee for the entire month of April.

Chocolate Whopper

Burger King introduced a new kind of Easter treat.  Somehow, they even made it look good.

Shazam Trailer

Everybody loves a good superhero movie, and the director for the upcoming Shazam movie decided to share this trailer.

Lego VacuSort

Lego almost made dreams come true.  If only this were real, so many feet would be saved from serious injury.

Heinz Chocolate Mayonnaise

Heinz introduced an all-new condiment.  The sad part is, I think people were actually excited about this one.

Canadian Armed Forces Fully Operative Obstructive Light-Refraction System

Even the Canadian Forces got into the games introducing their new tool F.O.O.L.S.

Dairyland Sparkling Milk

Then Dairyland may have taken things too far, with this concoction.

WestJet Virtual Assistant

Finally, WestJet may have won the day