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The cost of flights is getting ridiculous, and many people depend on loyalty programs and point systems to get a chance to visit family and friends.  That’s why when Esso announced their plans of ending their relationship with the Aeroplan points card lots of Canadians were disappointed.  Thankfully there is new life to the popular program, and it may earn some of us way more points.

A deal has been struck, and will be accepting Aeroplan cards on April 24.  By visiting Amazon through the Aeroplan, website members will be able to earn 1 mile for every dollar they spend on the popular online store.

If you happen to be a black or silver status Aeroplan member than you can expect twice the miles.  Diamond status members will earn three-times the standard of miles.  Additionally, anybody who uses an Aeroplan affiliated credit card on their purchase will receive double the miles.

Just another reason to shop online, if only Amazon could start gassing up our vehicles, we would be all set.