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Usually, if an officer of the law were to offer you a shot of liquor in the middle of the afternoon, you would be questioning what the catch is.  However, the Vancouver Police Department is hoping to find a few volunteers that they can get drunk and feed pizza.

A recent email released from the VPD says they are looking for eight to ten “volunteer drinkers.”  These volunteers will spend the day at the police department getting drunk on hard liquor- only the hard stuff.  Afterwards, they will conduct some routine sobriety tests, followed by a pizza lunch, and a generous ride home.

The tests are to help new recruits train, and involves an eye examination, a walk and turn test, and the one leg stand test.  The only thing they ask is that volunteers sign a waiver saying they will not drive for the remainder of the day- no matter what.

This all sounds too good to be true but, I can see a few drunks now coming home from a day at the police station with their new Constable best friends.