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A series of armed robberies, mostly in the Greater Toronto Area, has earned one man almost 50 charges and the title of the “Subway Bandit.”

Between February 18 and March 13, a total of 16 Subway locations have been robbed.  Nine of the robberies took place in Toronto, and seven more in the Peel Region.  During the police’s ongoing investigations they have dubbed their suspect as the “Subway bandit.”

Allegedly the man entered each location wearing glasses, with his hood pulled tight to disguise his face.  He would then display that he had a handgun.  In some instances, he would demand a staff member hand him the money from the cash register.  In other cases, he would get behind the counter remove the money himself.  Police suspect that the “Subway bandit” had an accomplice during at least three of the robberies.

Thanks to a joint effort between Toronto and Peel police suspect Egal Wais has been arrested and now faces 48 charges; 16 counts of each: robbery, use of an imitation firearm, and disguise with intent.  Yosef Ali has also been arrested and faces three counts of each crime as well.

The Subway bandit could have been a much cooler criminal alias if it wasn’t tied to a chain sandwich restaurant.