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While the country has been preparing for the legalization of recreational cannabis that was scheduled for this year, it is still not guaranteed.  There are still many government officials that are not sold on the idea of nationwide public use.

Today, March 22, Bill C-45 will be getting its second reading in the federal Senate.  Should there not be enough support for the bill, or it’s wording, it could mean the end of the whole process, and the entire lengthy process starts anew.

If Bill C-45 be voted down today, it would guarantee that cannabis would not be legalized this year and potentially be set back indefinitely.

Sources agree that there is enough support in Senate to get the bill passed today.  However, the margin may be slim, and if enough voting members are absent, it could cost the whole policy.

Needless to say, it should be an exciting day in Senate today as this bill is read.  Stay tuned for further news on this story.