Photo Care of Tim Hortons

Things keep getting worse for Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons.  Thousands of regular morning coffee drinkers were surprised to find many Tim Hortons locations were shut down this week.  The situation spread coast to coast and either shut the coffee houses down entirely or slowed sales down to a near halt.

Late last week the coffee franchise was hit with a malicious malware program that directly affected cash register programs.  The malware made transactions nearly impossible and left restaurants with minimal working registers- if any at all.  The malicious virus left Tim Hortons locations with no other option but, to close down sales completely.

Tim Horton’s franchisee representative company, Great White North Franchisee Association (GWNFA) is looking to take legal action against Restaurant Brands International (RBI).  RBI was reportedly made aware of the malware situation last week but, have failed to help Tim Hortons franchises in fixing the issues.  GWNFA has given RBI until Friday to assist against the malware or will continue with litigation.

Disgruntled Canadian coffee drinkers are hoping the problem is solved sooner than later so they can get back to their morning double-doubles.