Photo Care of Tim Hortons | Twitter

If there is one thing that Tim Hortons does well it is consistency.  You can enter a Timmys in Halifax that will look identical to one that is in Victoria.  However, when you think about a Tim Hortons, it is usually not a modern or sleek image.  Well, the massive coffee chain is hoping to change their perception with a major revitalization project.

The franchise announced this week that they would be investing $700 million into renovating majority of store locations across Canada over the next four years.  The plan is to improve the guest experience with a new ‘Welcome Image’ by creating a contemporary environment.

“The expectations of our Guests are evolving, and as Canada’s most iconic brand, so must we,” said President of the Tim Hortons brand Alex Macedo. “Together with our restaurant owners, we’re focused on taking Tim Hortons to new heights – from revitalizing the restaurant experience and evolving our menu offerings to developing creative campaigns that make all of our Guests proud to call their local Tim Hortons home.”

The revitalization plan includes exterior and interior design changes including new artwork that reflects the brand’s values and history.  They are also hoping to implement a new open concept seating to help create a sense of community.

You can read the full announcement, here.