Photo Care of Pamela Murphy | Facebook

It turns out there are more winning rims in Tim Hortons ‘Roll up the Rim’ promotion than we thought.  They are just handing them out by the bag full.

The annual promotion has been a long-standing Canadian tradition and as it returned this February lots of customers were complaining that the whole thing was a scam.  The odds of 1 in 6 seemed like a stretch this year more than any, but a peek into a bag full of discarded showed one Newfoundland woman that there are a surprising number of winners out there.

This week Pamela Murphy went to her local Tim’s for a cup of coffee and a sandwich. Much to her surprise instead of her meal she was handed a bag full of winning rims.

“So much for a sandwich at Tim Hortons!!!  It’s a good thing I’m honest!!” said Murphy in a Facebook post featuring the pictures of her jackpot.

Photo Care of Pamela Murphy | Facebook

The funny thing is, she said she complained that her coffee didn’t have a roll up.

We doubt that there were any winning cars in the bag, but it is an excellent loop-hole to the ‘coffee for a year’ prize offered this year.

“Hope my 649 ticket is just as lucky” Murphy added.