The first Canadian Taco Bell to serve beer has opened its doors, and we cannot wait for more to follow suit.  There is nothing better to wash down a Burrito Supreme than a cold glass of Canadian draught beer.

The first Taco Bell to break the seal is officially open in Hamilton, Ontario.  However, it will not be the last.  Taco Bell is planning to make alcohol a staple on the menu for any newly opened restaurant, with lots of new locations already in the plan.

Currently, the Hamilton location is only offering 14 oz glasses of Bud Light but, there is the potential for many more adult beverages.  In the US, there are Taco Bell locations that offer spiked up slushies.  They offer a wide range of boozy drinks including sangrias and tequila.

Fast food just got a whole lot more interesting, and Taco Tuesdays will now become more and more of a staple for many households.  Just don’t drink so much that you throw up your beef burrito.