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Anyone who has kids knows just how expensive childcare can get.  Finding an affordable service so you can return to work can be an endless search.  Ontario’s Liberal Party is looking to help families get on track by funding childcare across the province.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, along with finance minister Charles Sousa and Minister of education Indira Naidoo-Harris announced a $2.2 billion plan for childcare that would cover children 2.5 years-old until they begin kindergarten.  Wynne and the Liberal Party are hoping to instil the new subsidy in 2020.

“Not being able to find or afford child care is stressful, it is troubling, and it is holding families back at a time when it’s already hard enough to get ahead,” said Wynne in a release.  “Our plan to make preschool childcare free for Ontario children from the age of two-and-a-half until kindergarten will relieve that pressure and make sure kids are learning and growing in a safe environment.”

Wynne also estimates that the new plan could save the average family $17,000 per year of childcare.

With Ontario heading to an election on June 7, we will see if this new promise could tip the polls in Wynne’s favour.