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If you have ever wanted to experience the rush of skydiving but have a massive fear of heights, then you are now in luck as a new indoor skydiving centre just opened outside of Toronto.

iFly offers an 18-foot-tall glass chamber that has wall-to-wall airflow which replicates the same feelings as jumping out of an airplane- minus the 13,500-foot distance from the ground.  Their second location has opened in Whitby, Ontario.

iFly skydiving shares the same experience as free-falling when jumping out of a plane, but, as they put it, “flying in the tunnel feels like you’re floating.  There is no ‘falling’ sensation.”

Customers are lifted into the tunnel by a heavy air flow and can move around once they are stable.  The experience lasts for about 60-seconds, the same of most freefall skydives.  The best part is the little risk, as everything is done in a supervised environment and safe for all ages starting at just 4-years-old.

This sounds like an absolute blast!  For more information you can visit the iFly website, here.