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The Montreal Canadiens may be suffering from a tough year but, they can still boast one thing: The Bell Centre is the best in the league.  No one can argue that either because the NHL players made the decision themselves in the NHLPA player poll.

The annual poll has over 500 players from around the league answer a variety of questions from ‘who is the toughest player to play against’ (obviously Sidney Crosby), to ‘who is the best forward of all-time’ (obviously Wayne Gretzky).

“The players hold a truly unique perspective inside the game, and we think the results of our player poll should give fans and media a glimpse behind the curtain,” said special assistant to the executive director of the NHLPA, Mathieu Schneider- who also happens to be a former Montreal Canadien.

While many players split the categories regarding play, the Bell Centre was a clear favourite as far as arenas go.  The home of the Montreal Canadiens won tops in two categories.  24.8% of players polled agreed that the Bell Centre was their favourite rink to play in, which topped legendary arenas like United Center (Chicago) and Madison Square Gardens (New York).  When asked which stadium had the best ice, Bell Centre again came out on top with 28% of players in agreement.

To read some of the other polls and answers you can find the full page on the NHLPA website, here.