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Anybody who has been on the hunt for a rental knows how much of a struggle finding affordable housing can be.  Pet owners know that it can be even more challenging when looking for a home with your furry friends.  However, according to a new poll, most Canadians agree that prohibiting animals should be the landlords right.

An online poll conducted by Angus Reid surveyed 5,413 adult Canadians in December 2017.  Their findings show that 63% of Canadians are in favour of landlords having control of renting their properties to pet owners.

When broken up by major cities where the rental market is competitive the majority are still in favour of the landlords having decision making.  Vancouver and Toronto are Canada’s worst housing markets, and both give support to the landlord with 61% and 62% respectively.

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However, of those polled, their current living circumstance played a significant part in their decision.  Renters and tenants were split on the idea, while homeowners were heavily in favour of giving landlords the ability to make the choice on pets.

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Unfortunately, if you are a renter with a pet, it does not look like there will be any help on the way.