Photo Care of Luc Le Blanc

A hidden cavern deep below Montreal has just been uncovered.  There has been no human in the caves up until a few weeks ago, and explorers are still trying to map it all.

A few years ago, a gigantic network of caves was discovered to be sitting deep below Montreal, as explorers made their way through they found that the caves may be bigger than they thought.  Recently, speleologists Daniel Caron and Luc Le Blanc discovered a whole new set of caves near the original discovery, and it is way bigger than they imagined.

The 15,000-year-old cavern is located below Parc Pie-XII in the borough of Saint-Léonard.  The 200-metre passage includes stalactites and an underground lake.  Explorers have had to use inflatable canoes to travel through the caves with at least 5-metre deep waters.

The Ice Age cave system below Quebec has been documented as far back as 1812 but, with new discoveries, it is hard to determine just how big these caves are.

For more information you can find an official press release, here.