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Canada is full of tourist destinations that attract people from around the world.  We have oceans, mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, and wildlife.  We have a breathtaking east coast, a chill west coast, favourite major cities, and everything else you could want.  If you were to guess the top travel destination, you would be thinking about Banff, Victoria, or Toronto.

The last place that any of us would think of is the prairies.

The New York Times just released their annual list of the 52 Places to Go.  Out of all the majestic places to visit in our nation only one Canadian town made the list.  It’s great that Canada made the 52 locations at all considering many of the other areas included Colombia, Chile, and Oslo.  But, really no one would have guessed which place in Canada the New York Times would choose.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

No, we’re not joking.  Check for yourself here.

Saskatoon is being touted as the home of the Remai Modern Museum, which is home to works by Picasso and Braque.  With world-class architecture and 8,000 art pieces, they may have just convinced some Canadians to travel deep into the prairies.

Of course, Saskatchewan is also the “land of the living skies.”  I am sure there are a couple of other reasons to go to Saskatoon.