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The Dead Sea is one of the world’s coolest natural phenomenon.  With an extremely high concentration of salt in the water makes it easy for humans to float in.  The salt and minerals are used to supply cosmetic and therapeutic products worldwide.  It also happens to be extremely far from Canada, being bordered by Jordan, Israel, and Palestine.

The Dead Sea isn’t alone; it is just the most famous of the high salt concentrated lakes in the world.  The lake with the highest concentration is located in Antarctica.  The good news is, Canada has its own hypersaline lake right in our own backyard- well, in our prairies.

Little Manitou Lake is located in Saskatchewan a short drive from Saskatoon.  The mineral density there is three-times higher than the ocean which makes it work just like the Dead Sea.  The small lake is a major tourist spot in Saskatchewan and should definitely make your bucket list.

There are plenty of campgrounds in the area as well as the town of Watrous, which has lots of great eateries, mini-golf, and some local spas as well.  So, while Saskatchewan normally doesn’t make your list of summer destinations, Little Manitou Lake may have given you a reason to put it in the top spot.