Photo Care of The Herbal Chef

Get ready for your edibles to be elevated as Vancouver is about to get one of the most unique pop-up dinners yet.  In April a limited number of foodies will be treated to a cannabis-infused meal.

Christopher Sayegh, also known as the Herbal Chef is bringing high-end gourmet dishes to Vancouver, offering an eight-course meal for just two evenings.

Chef Sayegh has gained international notoriety for enhancing his colourful dishes with THC and CBD extracts.  A biology student turned chef, Sayegh pioneered cannabis-infused fine-dining to change the perception of the drug in mainstream media.

Photo Care of The Herbal Chef

The Vancouver events taking place on April 6 and 7, have a limited amount of seating for 60 guests per night.  The event will be held at a secret downtown Vancouver restaurant that will be disclosed to ticket holders on the day of.  There will also be live music and BC wine pairings throughout the evening.

Even at $200 a seat, tickets to this high-end dinner will sell out fast.  You can email to purchase tickets.  For more information on the Herbal Chef you can visit his website, here.