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A family of Pandas has just arrived at the Calgary Zoo for a five-year stay.  The four pandas are in Canada for a ten-year trip and will return to China in 2023.  The animals have just endured the long journey from Toronto thanks to the hard work of FedEx.

Transporting your Amazon package is one thing, but a bamboo of pandas (yes, that is the fitting name for a group of pandas) is a whole other ball game.  Thankfully, FedEx took the animals transportation very seriously and made sure they had a comfortable trip.

“The world can be confident that our team of skilled logistics experts, pilots and drivers ensured these four beloved, rare animals had a safe, comfortable trip from Toronto to Calgary,” said the president of FedEx Express Canada, Lisa Lisson.

The pandas underwent a 2,716-kilometer flight over 3.5 hours loaded in a Boeing 757F aircraft.  Kept inside white cages filled with delicious bamboo, the pandas were watched over by onboard veterinarians and a specially chosen flight crew.  The animals were then successfully transported to their freshly built habitat at the Calgary Zoo, which will be open to the public on May 7.

“Hosting these international symbols of wildlife conservation over the next five years gives us the chance to educate our community about helping protect species at risk, here in Canada and around the world,” said president and CEO of the Calgary Zoo, Dr. Clément Lanthier.

As an added bonus, FedEx has offered some video footage of the panda’s long journey: