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Brace yourself for something you have heard way too many times in your life; gas prices are on their way up.  I hope that didn’t come as too much of a shock.

According to a fuel price projection from GasBuddy, the average cost of gas across the country will rise to $1.19 per litre over 2018.  The Fuel Price Outlook says January will be the lowest prices we get all year, as they will steadily climb to a pricy $1.24 per litre in September.

Senior petroleum analyst Dan McTeague says, “circumstances beyond Canada’s control, including a surging US dollar versus a weaker Loonie, increasing US fuel demand and growing exports, will put a premium on what Canadians will pay at the pumps in 2018.  We estimate pump prices will, therefore, rise an average of 5 cents a litre across the country.”

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A projection of individual cities shows that things will be much worse on the west coast with the highest daily average in Vancouver being as much as $1.52 per litre.  Even cities with traditionally lower gas prices will be walloped this year like Calgary where prices could climb as high as $1.33 per litre.

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Get ready for another expensive year at the gas pumps.