Photo Care of Wendy’s

If you pulled up to a Wendy’s drive-thru for a Baconator and the cashier offered their latest mixtape, you may be quick to dismiss it as a joke.  However, this does not seem to be an early April Fools’ joke, Wendy’s has dropped an official mixtape, and it is surprisingly good.

Wendy’s, the massive burger chain with the redheaded mascot has gained a reputation online for having a hilarious Twitter account.  Their latest marketing hit comes in the way of a music album called ‘We Beefin’.

While much of the world is trying to figure out why a fast food joint is making a hip-hop album, the rest of us are diving into some tracks that better than you would expect.  The album consists of five songs including titles like ‘Rest in Grease’ and ‘4 for $4’ that mostly throws punches at competitor restaurant McDonald’s.

Wendy’s continues to garner street cred while proving that Wendy is the queen of social media marketing.  If you are ready to hear the mixtape for yourself, you can find it on Spotify or Apple Music.