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You would think that your dollar would be just as good from one Canadian city to the next, but it is just not the case.  It makes sense that your money would stretch you much further in a small town compared to the big city.

In Canada, every city is built very differently, and your income may seem reasonable, but when you move to a city like Vancouver or Calgary, the bills seem to slip away faster than you expected.

It turns out there is a significant difference in how much money you need to make to be considered wealthy from one city to the other.  This list of twenty major Canadian cities breaks down how big of an annual income you need to be considered a money-bags.

20. Sherbrooke, Quebec: $172,069/year

19. St. Catharines-Niagara: $177,591/year

18. Quebec City: $189,121/year

17.  Windsor, Ontario: $200,561/year

16. London, Ontario $203, 743/year

15. Winnipeg: $203,935/year

14. Halifax: $204,622/year

13. Oshawa: $206,696/year

12. Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo: $214,098/year

11. Victoria: $214,373/year

10. Montreal: $224,060/year

9. Regina: $232,623/year

8. Hamilton: $236,176/year

7. Saskatoon: $240,932/year

6. Ottawa: $244,534/year

5. Vancouver: $246,266/year

4. St. John’s: $256,918/year

3. Edmonton: $297,928/year

2. Toronto: $301,883/year

1. Calgary: $451,609/year